Sunday, August 29, 2010

Night Before the Sakura - Hatsune Miku

Song: Night Before the Sakura - Hatsune Miku
Composer: Hoehoe-P
Translation: vgboy
Translyrics: Razra

Papa, mama, thanks for everything
At the same time forgive me
But in a house like this
I can’t, stand another second
All the scars on my body are
Hidden by a large, black coat
Though the town at midnight
I, broke away running by myself

Surely you have after all this time
Still remember that day.
When we are to be separate,
The promise that we had made

“When we become adults I will, surely come and save you.
The night before the sakura blooms, I will be waiting for you there”

The town seemed to have no one in it at all,
It appeared only I had a place to go
Even though it was such a tiny promise
To this day, I clung to it

Even though the sun will rise over, tomorrow this, is enough to frighten me away
Only the words, “I am here” and your smiling face could save me
Everything that has hurt me so much: this dark town, that hated house, and all of it
Tonight I will say farewell to it all
With you by my side, together

In the forest at the edge of town,
This was our promised place
We often played here as children
Under the branches of “God’s tree:
I ran into a tree branch and
A trickle of blood flowed
But compared to the pain that I’ve felt before
Such small things could no longer hurt

All alone with my trembling legs, frightened
The dark forest mercilessly bares its fangs
Even if I were to go back there right now
Would I have anything left at all?

I’m so scared, running from it all; it’s been locked away; my true laughing voice dies
Just once more I want to have it back in my hands, like before
But soon I will, have it back and then, everything will be over finally, forever
Under the moonlight the great promised tree, came into view, I knew it would be there

The stars shone brightly in the dark night
The full moon was just so beautiful
The sakura tree was in full bloom
And yet you weren’t there waiting at all

I’ve had enough, from the start I knew, I had nowhere left to go I don’t belong
So this is what it’s like to finally grow up, be an adult, right?
Everything that has hurt me so much: this dark town, that hated house, and all of it
Seems a little warmer now

But it’s all right, you should keep on living and
Be, happy in whatever way you can
With that same smile from my memories
And I’ll keep living on here all alone

The moment the door swung open
A thick sound echoed through me
My dad who would hurt me and
My mom who would scream out loud
“When you become an adult we** shall
Always come and help you”
The smile that I so loved had
Gently took hold of my cold hands

**Actually, I agree with vgboy's choice of translation. I rather like the idea of the parents helping the singer through life rather than depending on a promise that was made as children... But that's me. I suppose if you preferred, you could change "we" to "I."

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