Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Crybaby and the Bouquet - Hatsune Miku

Song: Nakimushi to Hanataba/The Crybaby and the Bouquet - Hatsune Miku
Composer: kous
Translation: Khozen0
Translyrics: razra

Black is the color of my heartbreak
I try desperately to protect the
Life that I once held before but I’m-
Falling from my place beside you – I shoudn’t
have gotten used to your presence here

The days are filled with rain again

Such a… Ah ah ah
Ah - Such a cruel world

Even now just a, gentle Zephyr is
Much too much for me to take alone
So please don’t leave me here
I drift aimlessly without direction
I drift without even leaving a single trace of me

Ah – I sent you a bouquet today
Ah – But immediately it died

I miss you
Ah – my tears are…

If only I could, turn the hands of time
I would be by your side like back then
Even if time has, made you forget all about me
Surely I believe, that my heart will still be there with you
Right by your side

Black is the color of my heartbreak
I refuse to believe it’s over
I’ll try to get used to your absence

I’ve become dyed in your hue again
Ah – farewell my dear

I want to thank you; I want to thank you
Those were your parting words on that day
Before you turned away
I won’t listen to them; I’ll shut my heart
I’m a crybaby who’ll simply fade into blackness

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