Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hotaru/Firefly - Hatsune Miku

Song: Hotaru/Firefly - Hatsune Miku
Translation: ikuy398
Translyrics: Razra

Tucking my legs in, hugging them closer
I burrow into the side of the well
And I open, my hands up, my eyes are shut so tightly and then

The water starts to, overflow into the darkness
Which softly glows, only once in a hundred years

I hold a distant, hand tenderly but, “It’s so cold here; I’ve frozen over”
Crossing over, the dark river, in the night straying from the drought

I have to go right now. A whistle is calling for me
It’s nostalgic of, the midday moon I knew

And yet it’s this way
Again it’s this way
Just so it’s this way
I want to be like this way still

I cannot say a word
I cannot see a thing

*Eh-oh The Galaxy Planes are flowing slowly and gently down (yes)
Eh-oh The Milky Way is fluttering far and far away
Deh-oh The Galaxy Breeze gathers in my hands and drifts away (yes)
Deh-oh Don’t be afraid ‘cause, you are no longer all alone

Rain is falling, grass is stifling, and wraps up all around my body
I scratch the soil, and grope the earth, up into the world where up is down

I cluelessly think of a distant continent and
I’ve crossed over the Mekong River and take to the air

Where are you right now? Where am I right now?
In the dark night that reminds me of summer
My former self, in that time, now is clutching a paper-lantern

It’s time for me to, stop repeating these mistakes***
Everything’s deep green, but soaked in a blood red

And yet to do that
Again to do that

Ever to do that
I hope you happen to do that

I warmly welcome your return to my blue skies

(Repeat * twice)

Now you are no longer all alone

***These lines were difficult for me to make translyrics for because I wasn't sure what the translation was saying... I still don't understand....

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