Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Heartbreak Summit - Hatsune Miku

Song: Hearbreak Summit - Hatsune Miku
Composer: DECO*27
Translations: higurashikairi and Carnivalogic
Translyrics: eo

i'm certain that the tears have all dried
i'm certain as I look at the sky,
"Hey, hey,"

as always I feel like you stare me down and these old feelings in my heart suddenly grow numb I'm certain
that the ocean in your heart is drowning you from the inside out
so what should I do?
"What will you do?"

My hand pulls away from your strong grasp and I know that it's true,
I just want to run from you
I'm watching closely but I know that my heart is hard-- you're so boring
I'll crush you with my heel,

when your face looks so distressed I can't help but think
"oh, you are so lovely, you are so lovely."
though I would hurt you so many times you tell me
"Oh please don't stop our love."

but what's the point? It's not as if your kindness will change me
I'm a burden so I say
“Just stop it.”
just shut up, I don't care anymore but you're just quiet and look at me and I realize
you're afraid like me?

If you just cling to my hand I'll see what we can really be
I see you rise up again
but I just shove you down in my contempt and selfishly ask you
"Do you really love me so?"

everything everything changes for the good
it seems so right but I just hesitate and draw back my hand
but that's enough it's time to really live so I'll get rid of all this hatred
by my hand I'll kill that me--

I'll take your waiting hand and grasp it and I know that it's so true,
I just want to stay with you
I'm watching closely and I'm so certain that these old feelings have
warmed up my cold heart

I was so stupid but I know that I live on because of you,
'cuz of your outstretched hand
This reborn me will never pull away from your grasp and I'll become
your second shadow

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