Monday, November 1, 2010

Two Breaths Walking - Miku Hatsune

Song: Two Breaths Walking - Hatsune Miku
Composer: DECO*27
Translations: Translations: Obsidian Blue Moon
Translyrics: eo

This is the first book of my evolution
won't you read with me? let's start on page one.

I want to hold you in my arms
so I get up on these two legs and
because it's sad being lonely
I want to live here by your side

"Hey, mama, I think there's someone special that I really like."
"Congrats to you."

I want to see you
Hey, you know, you're living off of someone else's milk so tell me now
do you remember those words that
were said to you back then?

"Papa, Mama, Nina,"
"Yes that's right, I'm proud of you."
"Sorry but it's time to go,"

What's that? How very strange...

As I get up
on these two legs I reached out so I could hold you in my arms
but somehow without knowing why, all I could do was injure you

now I recall those words
that were said to me then
and in my hand I hold this shining knife
raised to stab at your life

"Hush now my dear,
though that knife is raised up
I'm gonna come close to you, gently touch your lips
and bring them closer to my own."

we share this kiss
hey, you know, it's my breath that you're living off of from now on
so now let's breath deeply together
in this kiss that says more than a thousand words

Hey, you know, from now on you'll be the oxygen that I breathe in
hey, you know, I want so badly to say the words that "I love you."
But, I want this so much more than
the stale air I've always been
I'll walk with you and drink in every word till the day we die

My goal is to write translyrics (and perhaps sing) for as many DECO*27 songs as I can before I get too lazy. Up next... Love Words!!!

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  1. Oh wow! You've been really busy with these Deco songs! Hahahaha~

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