Monday, August 30, 2010

Goodbye to Alice - Gumi

Song: Goodbye to Alice - Gumi
Composer: Nem
Translation: ikuy398
Translyrics: Razra

I once remember a children’s book I had read long ago,
While hiding under the covers of my bed; no one knew

Hey Mr. Rabbit
Don’t let that clock keep, running away from me this time

Take me beyond the page
I don't want to stay here, anymore than I have to, so please just

Like a dream I dreamt in my dreams, a phantasmal landscape
The voice that is only something I can hear is there
My heart’s beating faster for a midnight adventure and
Please tell me that there’s another one
Before the night is over and gone away

Don’t you dare sweetly look at me like that again
I don’t want any of your sugared milk anymore
Hey Mr. Rabbit, What’s wrong with you?
You are so taciturn today

Beyond the pages, it's always the same
I don't want to stay there any more today

I want to stop all this dreaming; I am not so miserable
The voices can’t be remembered anymore now days
My new dress can’t be made so, foul and dirty again
I can’t play with you and so I say goodbye dreams
Farewell to you my sweet Alice

The second hand has started to move, releasing magic that has,
clouded up the truth, What should I do? I am lost

The phantom land that once bloomed, deep inside my memories
Please take me there, back in time
Still I don’t intend to grow up and become an adult yet

To the flying birds up in the blue sky, I wish I could see you there
But I have no way, to look up


That old picture book that mom gave me?
I had already burned it and tossed it out

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