Wednesday, January 12, 2011

glow - Hatsune Miku

Song: glow - Hatsune Miku
Composer: keeno
Translations: eternal snow
Translyrics: eo

the rain is cold today, it pours down from above
the rain it melts into past wounds still unhealed

someone is watching the evening clouds turn so dark
someone is laughing in a corner bitterly

without me even noticing, I soon become an adult
and soon my mouth is fond of making lies so beautiful

Now I recall how many times I learned how I could get hurt
but even though I know, the pain's still so real

and this evening sky appears so sad tonight
and this evening sky sheds these crimson tears
I just have this one simple wish, won't you please let me melt into you?

the scars you bear are very deep, they overflow onto my body
it starts to look impossible now to go any further

hey, you may not know, I even prayed that I would disappear forever
so why is it that you chose to embrace me so tightly here in your arms?

The sound of your voice is so far off from me
in the end I just swallowed the redness
I'm certain that's the same way you melted right into the evening sky this very night

it seems the red tears spilled out and dyed my hands
and the crimson ran down my fingertips
you've dissolved now and the glow takes your existence away from my side

from the scar between the broken red clouds
the tears pour down like the bright rain
I'll cling close to you as your form starts to blur slowly into the sunset

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