Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello/ How Are You? - Hatsune Miku

Song: Hello/ How Are You? - Hatsune Miku
Composer: hoehoe-p
Translations: vgboy
Translyrics: eo

really tardy, heehee :D

Hello- I softly whispered as I leaned upon the windowsill
How are you? But there's nobody there, I'm alone in this room.
Mornin' - The morning's here, but it's a morning of heavy rain
Tick-tock - won't you hear me now, I'm dying down, rewind my clock

hello -- that's how it always was, in all the old tv shows
how are you? -- you're someone that's always loved, I'm jealous of you.
sleepin' -- don't even say a word, I have to get ready now
cryin' -- to hide the tears as soon as they start to flow


my favorite phrase is 'fine, I don't care'
but suddenly those words from yesterday go over my head
'Well, it's not like I have any hope for you anymore..."

but the truth really is,
I don't have really have any hope left for myself,
but why ever did you say that for, I wonder?

Words come up, but they stick, and I choke on them right now
so that all that comes out are nothing but these lies
So today, once again, I act like nothing's really wrong
Wasting my words, I pretend to live on like this...

why is it that you hide away I wonder?
are you afraid that I'll just laugh at you, I wonder?
do you really hate seeing me all that much?
is that so, I wonder?

and now I'm drowning in a sea of apathy,
it hurts to much for me to even breathe,
now I just want to hear your voice, quietly,
am I really so weak...

I'm thinking hard but nothing's really getting done
and the thoughts that are running through my tired brain right now is this:
"should we just give up, there's no use in making sense of it?"

No, no, I know, I know why
that came out of my mouth without me even realizing
I know why, so please don't be so mad at me

Am I happy? Am I sad? It doesn't really matter now
the cruel morning sun rises upon my tired eyes

I'm just trying really hard to live my life the best I can
what else is it that you can possibly expect from me?

why does this really bother you, I wonder?
could it be all you want is love, I wonder?
who was it that first let go of your hand?
did you know why I ask?

if my life were written on a blank timesheet
I wonder when my shift is done finally,
And the wages for all the hours I'm alive
who'll pay them, I ask?

Thank you - the truth is that you have all my gratitude
Thank you - the truth is that you have all my gratitude
Thank you - even if it's only just this once I can say
so from the deepest depths of my heart, I'm weeping as I tell you how much I'm grateful!

why is it that you hide away I wonder?
will you tell me as I listen now I wonder?
I promise, I won't laugh at you so tell me now
what is it, I wonder?

if you don't open up your heart, I'll never know,
I'll never know what hurts you, and it just shows
how troublesome and stubborn we really are
but that's what humans are

Hello, hello, how are you?
Hello, hello, how are you?
Hello, I ask, how are you?
hello, how are you?

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