Sunday, January 16, 2011

Toy Box - Megurine Luka

Song: Toy Box - Megurine Luka
Composer: Samune Jimi
Translations: vgboy
Translyrics: razra

I stood in that far distant past once again
I wanted to see this place that’s become so nostalgic yet
I feel that it’s strange
Now the sky has become so much smaller today
Now the night has become one with all the far distant stars

I saw myself ten years later, in a future completely changed from before
One day it all went away: morning, day and even the night

The gentle wind carried the scent of the sweet summer, reminders of softer days
But now the lights of the town are so distracting and they've made us blind and lose our way home
And so farewell this place I loved; for I know that it was not meant to last forever
With a future changing so abruptly, which is the right path to take, I need to know

At that time with what voice did I happen to sing?
I want to go back to recall but I can’t remember yet
I feel that it’s strange
Now my voice has become so weak with the time
Now my song has become dark and dyed in black exhaustion

Ten years later has come to pass in a future so very different and
Those hopes and those dreams have lost all their meaning and were carelessly thrown away

And I search for that forgotten toy box - oh just where has it disappeared off to? - but
Look and see for we have become adults and burdened with our lives

Feeling the cold shock of this harsh reality, I could not help but remember back
We did not question the present but walk aimlessly lost on the road of life, we're stumbling on
And so farewell, this hateful story may not be eternal yet, for there’s still a hope
And even now, with failing words and a cracking voice, it’s a story that I never want to forget

We played for our own sake but then, that was in the far distant past
And so we have to say goodbye for now
And in our changed future, we must keep on - on moving forward

Because I am fail at sleep tonight...

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  1. nice one.. I like this song and now I understand what it means. Thanks!